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Thank you for considering our services. This page offers links to my services page and other useful information about my practice. If you need to discuss a patient directly please access my mobile by clicking the "Urgent Referrers Contact" button.

Online Research

A lot of patients have already researched hip and knee conditions on the internet. It is important to understand that sometimes the vast information on the web can be overwhelming and confusing. Please write down any questions so that your queries can be discussed at your appointment. When choosing a surgeon, it's important that you choose someone that you feel confident and comfortable with.

Second Opinion

Our practice does see referrals for second opinions for certain hip and knee conditions. Please contact us to discuss whether or not an appointment is appropriate.We also collaborate with other orthopedic surgeons when necessary to best manage a patient's condition.

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Locations & Directions

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  • Midwest Surgical Hospital

    7915 Farnam Dr. Omaha,
    NE 68114

  • MD West ONE Farnam

    8005 Farnam Drive,
    Suite 305
    Omaha, Nebraska 68114

  • MD West ONE Fountain Ridge

    222 N. 192nd St.
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