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Rehab Exercise

You will see the physical therapist and occupational therapist during your hospital stay and he/she will help you to get moving again, also advising on exercises to strengthen your muscles. You will receive guidance on the standard ‘dos and don’ts’ following hip surgery – for example, how to get in and out of bed, climb stairs, use the shower, etc. It is very important that you follow this advice to minimize straining the muscles around your hip or knee.The exercises recommended by your physical therapist are a crucial part of your recovery, so it is essential that you continue to do them. There are certain movements that you should not do during early recovery, which will be reviewed with you after surgery. Your physical therapist will give you further advice and tips to protect your new joint.The physical therapist will provide information on whether you need any help at home and offer advice on how to maintain independence in your daily life. He/she will assess how physically capable you are and assess your circumstances at home when you are about to leave hospital – they may also be able to provide specialized devices to help around the home. Inpatient rehab is not usually necessary with our enhanced recovery program after joint replacements. However, there are some patients who live alone and can’t go home safely at this stage after their surgery. They will be sent to rehab until they are ready and safe to return home. Dr. Uggen and the staff of the pre-admission clinic will discuss this with you before surgery. Exercises for particular surgical procedures are in the booklet given to you before surgery and the therapists at the pre-admission clinic will customize these exercises for you. You will have less discomfort and recover faster if you build-up your muscles before surgery.


It is important that you have a healthy diet and are well rested before your surgery. Our physician will discuss this with you in more detail during his consultation with you. If you have any dietary concerns or have diabetes, please inform our physician and anesthesiologist during the consultation with them.

Follow Ups

Follow up appointments will be made at the same time as booking your surgery.

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  • American Association Of Hip and knee Surgeons
  • American Osteopathic Academy Of Orthopedics
  • International Congress For Join Reconstruction
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